Tuesday, 12 June 2012

East Kent Mum visits Margate and hears what Mary Portas has to say

Latest News on Mary Portas in Margate

It was a great event and inspiring as I'm in the process of creating a business plan and investigating funding to start up a relevant business there. Plans for for what I want the business to be are currently secret but more to come on that over the coming weeks.

I was delighted that it was made easy for me to attend by choosing an event that the whole family could go to so I didn't feel awkward or need to arrange childcare support. This is something which is key to my philosophy in setting up a new business.

Why is Margate involved?

"Margate has been chosen as one of the first 12 towns in the UK to become one of the so-called Portas Pilot Towns. It will receive £100k of government money."


It was encouraging to see a reasonably good turnout and to feel a buzz about the place. I put my name down at various stands in the hope that someone will be in touch shortly.

The local Town Crier called for everyone to post their ideas on Post-It notes at the back of the old shop. Some great ideas there so let's see what happens.

Concerns about the project already being reported

Some local people and businesses are allegedly voicing their concern over the contracts imposed on them by the television company creating a documentary with Mary Portas. 

This issue wasn't raised by anyone I spoke to at the event. My experience so far has been positive, open and supportive. 

However, it is wise to be aware. Read the following to find out more on the issue:

East Kent Mum makes new friends

I managed to make lots of new contacts and promised Lynda and Steve from Never Mind the Cupcakes that I would mention them in my blog. I look forward to getting to know Lynda and Steve over the coming months and sample some of their magic Margate cake creations! 


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