Sunday, 30 September 2012

Support family-friendly #Whitstable cafe to open its garden

I am writing in support of @WindyCornerS planning application ref CA/12/01279/VAR. 

We moved to Whitstable nearly two years ago from Oxford not knowing anyone here. Having been students at Kent University twelve years ago, we followed our dream and decided that we would sell our home, move jobs and raise our family here. For us, The Windy Corner Stores embraces all that is special about Whitstable.

It is an independent business run by a talented and dynamic team who have sought to create a community hub. It is a place where friends, neighbours and visitors of all ages congregate to enjoy quality local produce cooked-up in creative and innovative ways. In the current economic climate, it is admirable that The Windy Corner Stores continues to serve and promote local food and drink in interesting and affordable ways. Furthermore, it regularly supports charity events, seasonal festivals, local arts & crafts and community groups. In our opinion, this is just the sort of business the Council should be supporting and encouraging to grow.

As local residents, we fully support The Windy Corner Stores’ request for permission to serve customers in their garden. We believe that this latest request is not unreasonable as the garden would only be open between the sociable hours of 9am-5pm and no alcohol would be served in it. The Windy Corner Stores already promotes a family-friendly environment and to open the gardens within the requested time-frame and without alcoholic drinks is an extension of this ethos.

It would not only be wonderful, in a personal capacity, to enjoy our time in the Windy Corner Stores’ garden, but we also believe it is critical to the future success of the business.  

Please write to Canterbury Council to support The Windy Corner Stores garden extension

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